Tuesday 23 February 2016

Indy 500 writer

Introducing David Turner, Television Producer and abiding fan of the Indy 500, a spectacular sporting event which celebrates their 100th race this year.
I am assisting David to produce a series of books about various aspects of the Indy 500. So check out his profile on Amazon.com 

His first book, tips and travel guide to the Indy 500 is available now for all race fans and newbies alike to enjoy.

Award winning TV Sports director and producer David Turner has a lifetime of travel in his job as Television Producer and director for TVNZ and now his own production company.  Adding ‘Author’ to his many talents in this series  he shares with  you his experiences from attending the Indy 500 a dozen times; 20 years of attending  the Olympics and Commonwealth Games; The Americas Cup, V8Supercars and so much more.
Some of the awards David has collected over the years:
v  2001 Qantas Media Awards: winner best sports coverage, executive producer V8 Supercars NZ.
v  2002 Academy Film and Television Arts: winner, director America's Cup campaign 2001-02.
v  2004 Qantas Media Award: winner, executive producer V8 Supercars best live sports production.
v  2004 NZ TV Guide: winner, producer best sports show on television.
v  2005 Qantas Television Awards: winner, executive producer V8 Supercars NZ production best sports.
v  2007 Qantas Television Awards: winner, director live coverage 32nd America's Cup Valencia.
v  2007 NZ TV Guide Winner: Peoples Choice Awards, producer best sports show on television.

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