Friday 23 September 2011

An Author's Life.

Bob Meyer just posted this excellent blog regarding what it takes to become a successful writer.
So I have responded with this very brief description of how much work I have put in over the years so that now I am fully empowered and enabled to write books which I know are quality books.

Writing is a journey of lots of writing. My writing now is a result of starting out at age 5 knowing I was a writer. I hand-wrote and bound my own books at age 8. Then hitting various walls like my first novel attempt at 16 and the lonely path of discovering various plot truths and unworkable facts which drove me nuts. I still write a journal which dates from when I was 14years old. Then study knocked the writing out of me. Then kids, then I took time (and left two partners who were not supportive) to think and try out words again. Met other writers, wrote heaps of poetry, wrote a published biography, had other historical work rejected by every publisher in my country. Wrote stories, wrote a novel. had one published, was asked to write a novel by a publisher. Wrote three novels which were published. Then had the rest of my work rejected. Got large file of rejections from all over the world.
Bestselling author unable to sell the books she wants to write. Yep – just because you are a published author does NOT automatically mean any publisher will beat a path to your door for your next work!
NOW – I can sell my own books, written how I want to write them and I now have this lifelong apprenticeship behind me. All my partially written books (Approximately 10 of them) can find a place in digital publishing and readers who will love them.
Fortunately for me I got my digital rights back before the trade publisher thought they had any value. Big grin. I set up my own publishing house just like Bob has.
It is great to have my power back in my hands and to be able to empower other authors to do the same thing.

Yesterday I helped two authors who have written their own first work to feel empowered to take the next steps.  It's a good feeling.
Keep writing.

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  1. Hi Christine

    I think I may have been one of those two authors who you helped to feel empowered to 'take the next steps' today.

    Like you, I feel I've been writing forever. Also I suspect that I've followed some of the same rough track as you through life. But I wouldn't have it any other way. And most of all I'm delighted you feel like you have your life and your special power back in your hands. We're writers at heart and we'll keep writing. If it's not in books then we'll write our own stories in life. There's no other way.

    Thank you for your help and support today.

    Very best, Geoffrey

    PS It's very disconcerting to comment on a blog post that's written in my tomorrow. x
    The author couldn't figure out how to post this comment and asked me to do it for him.
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