Sunday, 25 September 2011

I am a publisher it is now OFFICIAL

Today I had great pleasure in publishing A J Burton's excellent much edited murder mystery novel Demon's Coven. I first read this book when he gave it to me in July.
I'm not really a murder mystery/thriller reader, but I thought hell - I'll give it a try and the mix of humour, tenderness, strange perversions, twisted killers and a superb climax to the novel sold it to me even in the very rough form in which it arrived on my desktop.
One chapter had my heart beating with anxiety for the characters, then laughing out loud helplessly as A J led me into a delightful subterfuge of his own.
For me a book is a winner if it has me laughing out loud.
Since then we have worked like galley slaves to perfect the language, eliminate tautologies and split infinitives, make sure all the punctuation was correct and translate everything into American! Now it is done.
Available on
and it will be available on Amazon when they get around to passing it through their listing process.
Here is the blurb

Demon’s Coven by A J Burton
This thriller-mystery filled with unexpected comedy follows two broken-ass detectives. Bull is bent on avenging his lost love, Tommy is fighting his hatred of human beings. They join forces in NYC to track down a vicious killer who seems to possesses super-human abilities. Add a circle of BDSM Dominatrix and their slaves who are being infiltrated for a deadly purpose to the mix of mystery, intrigue, humour and murder - an exciting read with some laugh-out-loud moments.

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