Sunday 17 January 2016

Six free internet services that really work to market your service or craft

Marketing is one of those words that when I first heard it, my mind went blank and I thought, "How will I ever understand this word?" 
In the past few years I have studied marketing, seen social media at work, observed people I know and myself spreading information about good things or tweeting to organisations and placing one star reviews about services and products which are lacking. 
Here's my five ways that work to market your service or craft in your locality.

  1. List your business on Google Maps so that people doing a search in your locality will see your business pop up in their searches. It's free and Google Maps are far more searchable than Facebook or the Yellow Pages
  2. Join your local Facebook Groups - buy sell and swap or similar and in hobby areas that interest you. Interact with people, post interesting things for your potential customers to enjoy. Be yourself and always have your business offering there, available but not too much in anyone's face.
  3. Put your business on Yelp - and ask your customers to place feedback and testimonials about you on your business page.
  4. Start a blog and write about what your customers are seeking, write about your life and post videos and podcasts about the authentic you which is what you are really offering people.
  5. If you create hand crafted items, Ebay and your local auction websites as well as Facebook Groups are a great way to get word out about your creations and allow people to buy them.
  6. Tweet and post on Facebook not only about your offerings but about you, your life. Use other social media platforms too, Take videos and put them on your YouTube channel, photos on Instagram, Vine videos are short and fun too.
Last of all enjoy yourself - nothing dictates that life must be serious. What would your life be like if you let it be easy?

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