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Games Without Names Series of Man on Man Bondage Stories

From the founder of Fetters, Jim Stewart, I bring you an exciting series of stories written with the benefit of his vast experience of man on man bondage, tough nut games and sex play.

Brighton:- Tying-up games should never be played with strangers.
Even the risks involved in spotting a potential game-player and approaching him, can be dangerous - but for some people, dangerous games are what turn them on.

A deceptively simple story which gives insight into the minds of men who seem to be innocently sitting at a cafe but their reality is very different to their appearances. 

About the author:- Jim Stewart 3.6.1932 -1.4.2012
A 1940s wartime child actor, always involved with drama, television and stage productions Maurice Jim Stewart lived his other, not much more private life at his home at 40 Fitzwilliam Road, London.
Known to his friends and customers as 'FortyFitz', Jim lived on the first floor. In the attic there was a play space for experimentation with restraints and the ground floor gradually became the factory and sales department for 'Fetters'.
Jim sought to find and support men in their interest in extreme bondage and gay male BDSM play. He began an email list and website which amassed and published online an enormous amount of personal stories by thousands of men who shared their personal desires with Jim.
NB. For a great deal of Jim's life homosexual acts were illegal and punishable by imprisonment and worse. This backgrounds and underlies the risk and secrecy in all his stories.

Men engaged in homosexual acts were often unable to accept their desires and could be a danger to themselves and their sexual partners. This is still true.

Monday, 14 July 2014

99c AVOCADO A Romance from the Bay of Islands

Hello gentle reader, here's a summer/winter treat for you:- Avocado for only 99c.
A passionate romance set in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. A warm tropical often rainy place full of beautiful bays, beaches and harbours, magical islands and hidden homes in secret valleys. I was lucky enough to live there for a while and Avocado simply became centred around the Avocado tree beside my house.

Magical Roberton Isle in the Bay of Islands

Here's what two kind readers said about Avocado
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Although this book contains some of the most well written, sexy smut I've ever read, the characters and the story can stand on their own. I absolutely love this book, and whilst I rarely openly profess to enjoy such saucy literature, I regularly find myself recommending this book to friends. It's moving, emotionally and sexually. Enjoy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars a mix of everything October 13, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
So many genres collide here to extreme effect. Romance, erotica, family, culture, place and more. It makes for an intensely human book. The characters don't arrive, they feel like they have been there forever. If you don't know your cultures, Kiwi, Aussie, Indian, Rastafarian, this will encourage you too read about them. The sex scenes are tender & endearing, and no I'm not going to tell you about the avocado. I admire the way the author gets I to the skin of her characters, really making them flesh with a combination of reality and myth. This is educated erotica, superb.

Here is a sample of the sensual treats in store for you inside Avocado which is 99c for your Kindle at Amazon too.

'Now I’m panting as he strokes me with his big hands, his mouth kissing my neck and gently biting me there. Shudders run through me, my legs buckle and I think I might faint. I’ll fall into his arms and there’ll be no returning to the shores of sanity, of life without him, of loneliness or frustration. He will be everything I need, just as he is right now and I’ll want for nothing in his arms. His sweet kisses and love will solve all my problems and I am safe.
Safety with a man. What a delightful concept. It’s what my mum taught me I could have but I haven’t found it yet. And into my joy in Stuart’s arms comes a chill of cynicism and a recognition of his human inability to be what my dreams desire. I falter a little, pause and take a deep breath to see the human inside the feelings we are sharing. To know and accept his faults: his pimples, his straggly beard. His flaws, whatever they may be and love him because of them too. Because only he has these frailties, only he smells this way in the morning, only he could fuck up this bad and still live . . . My love loves you because you are unique. Not because you are the best man in the world or the only man for me.
Desire . . . such a liquid feeling, yet full of fire like the best vodka which never freezes in the deep freeze. Liquid flame which fills me with light and energy and action. Action focused on you, your body. I loosen your belt, unzip your fly and your pants fall to the floor in a rumpled mass over your feet. Out in the night I hear the sound of drumming: soft, insistent, measured and measuring our heat.

Ahhhhhhh your bodyyyyyy . . . my senses smell you, see you, touch you and you’re so hot, your penis thrusting out into your underpants, your thighs stocky and strong supporting your tight bum. My fingers travel over your body, searching for more delights and finding them. The crack of your ass, warm and slightly furry, a dimple in your cheek, the urgent strength of your erection pressing against my hand, be-furred balls taut and excited, calling to me. Saying – here we are, ammunition in this sweet war of love, loaded cannon bewitching me, beguiling me with a magic all their own. A magic all for me, just for me.'

If you would like a signed print copy of Avocado, and her sister erotic romance novels Quintessence and Astride they are available from me $10.00 each US + postage to your address.
Please email for more information. quintessence (dot)publications (at) Which is also my paypal email address.
The covers of the print edition are below. Penguin made some red and white - which match the red and black of the ebook covers, don't you think?

 Avocado FREE

Astride for your kindle

Quintessence for your Kindle


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Mohair Switching - new Erotic Fiction for Mohair Fetishists

Now live on Amazon! Here's a sample for your enjoyment.

The mohair hood was slowly drawn up just far enough to expose my mouth. Hot lips descended upon mine in a sensual deep kiss, her tongue probing deep inside my mouth. Surrendering to this passionate kiss I felt my cock begin to harden. She drew back but before I could speak something hard and round was forced into my mouth and quickly tied in place. I had been gagged. Now I was incapable of moving, seeing or making any sound other than stifled incoherent moans. I was becoming increasingly apprehensive what was she going to do that required my silence?
I struggled briefly and ineffectually as the warm mohair blanket was slowly drawn up from the lower half of my now hyper-sensitive body and spread on my chest and head. While this sensation felt intensely erotic, the sensuality was tempered by the thought that I was now naked and completely exposed from the waist down. Yet my cock continued to erect himself and the tight feeling around it and my scrotum immediately became more pronounced. For the first time I regretted my external genitals as I realised there was some sort of restraint tied around the whole wedding package.
'That’s what I want to see my dear toy.' I heard her murmur. My cock was gripped by a cool leather gloved hand. 'A nice hard cock for me to use for my pleasure.' She continued in the same creepy purring voice, 'But first we need to ensure that you do not ejaculate before I am ready for you to come.'