Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bilbo Baggins begins writing his Red Book: There and Back Again

This video excerpt from LOTR sums up what writing feels like to me. It's messy and cozy, you are writing about what you love, you get interrupted. The help you rely upon isn't really helpful. Once the book is done, you have achieved something amazing but then what do you do?
Have one or two people read it, as those few friends and family read Bilbo's There and Back Again - or do you want more people to read your work? Maybe make the writing available so as many people as read Lord of the Rings could read your book?
If you would like that and know you need help - talk to me.
QP Publishing Coaching is my contact.
My team and I can provide you with solutions which will delight you, won't cost the earth and will help you get you writing career out of The Shire and into the Wide World where other people who are just dying to read your stories are waiting to find your book.
PS. I live only one hour from Hobbiton.

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