Sunday, 17 January 2016

Announcing publication of Broken Wolf

Exciting News! the new author in our Kiwi Liaison Group, C K Raine is launching her new MM Shifter HEA romantic thriller on 1 February.
Amazon Pre-order link
She says
Dear friends and wonderful readers, Broken Wolf is now available on pre-order. Delivery 1 February. This HEA MM shifter romance has a twisty plot and some hot yummy shifter lovin' too. Marco The Hammer, fighter in the underground black internet Fight Night circuit is a lonely gay shifter with a secret superpower. He’s hired to compete in a special Fight Night with a very special opponent and audience, so special that his life is in danger. Trident Pack are seeking the ‘broken wolf shifters’ they have heard rumours of on the black internet. Will Marco find true love with his fated mate who is involved in solving the mystery of the broken wolf shifters, or will he become the forever slave of a rapacious undead entity? Trident pack take you on another exciting ride through the world of wolf shifters and passionate thrilling MM romances. "I was awake until after 1am reading your story because it HAS a good story line and awesome sex scenes because of who the characters are... If you did not have that it would just be a gay romance." Nerissa Reader Review.
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