Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Stand alone romance novels:- I know you will enjoy them

I realize a lot of readers love series novels. The longer the series the better ... sometimes. It's so disappointing when you read a series and find that the quality of the books deteriorates the further into the series you get.
My feeling is that there are a lot of stand-alone novels which are great reading and we have published some. I am going to blog about them over the next month.

My three romance novels published by Penguin 15 years before 50 Shades of anything was popular. They weren't a series because the publisher didn't want a series. 

"Read this is if you like sexy arousing, disturbing, female oriented, true to the the emotions fiction. The writer is awesome so please look her up. The fact is this was just so close to the truth for me. I know those emotions, I have felt them and lived them. You can read this book if you are either shallow or strong, but i recommend it to anyone who has lived, laughed, loved and suffered." Kindle review

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a spicy read that has a decent story line." Kindle review

"This book delivers the same steamy style that Harlequin romance was once famous for. Good sexy scenes wrapped up in a dramatic story told from a woman's point of view. I bought this for my girlfriend and she loved it so much she bought the other 2 novels by this author. Good reading for a plane ride or a Sunday afternoon." Kindle review

I'm sure you will enjoy these novels, for a long time they were best selling books in New Zealand and Australia. There are various cover versions around and Avocado is perma-free on Smashwords and in the Ibookstore. 
Avocado only 99c

These novels have their own dedicated pages in this blog, check out the samples posted there or use the previews available on Kindle and Smashwords. 

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