Friday 31 October 2014

Five things you don't know about me - the author.

I'm a writer. The lives of writers are supposedly different from those of the average Jane Dow so for your amusement here are some things you don't know about me.
  1.  What my writing desk looks like.

My clean tidy desk - allegedly a century old former Fleet Street London journalist's roll-top oak desk - ready for nanowrimo and the creation of a new novel. It already has dents from blocked writers foreheads hitting the wood.

I'm the kind of botanical nerd who can tell you what this flower is and the name of the tree it is on - and if you can eat the fruits of this tree. 
So what is it? A New Zealand species of tree Fuchsia. It has papery reddish brown bark which has been used as notepaper and could probably be used to make hand made books if you cared to collect enough of it. 
The ripe greenish red berries are delicious if you beat the birds to them. If you eat enough your tongue may feel numb for a while.

      3.  As well as loving creating books I am also a practical engineer and help in our Harmonic Damper Remanufacturing business making rubber parts in jigs like this. These rubbers are for 1950s Buicks.

     4.  My ideal cafe scene includes my journal - currently this hand crafted notebook with the cute textured knitting effect for the cover, coffee and a sweet cake - like crunchy Ginger Crunch - if I can find some made with crunch and not squidge.

     5.  What my ancestors look like. I often wonder what it was like for Mr and Mrs Reid when they arrived in Akaroa, New Zealand in 1835. My earliest migrating ancestors must have had a hard life in the remote South Island of New Zealand. A land of birds - unfamiliar birds with no animal life at all. Thickly forested, rugged and with little food and only the furniture and medical supplies the early settlers took with them, their lives must have been unimaginably hard.

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